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When the world of Smartphone technology makes us become increasingly lonely, isolated, and be afraid to communicate, the opportunity to meet, exchange and make friends suddenly becomes more necessary than ever. To catch up with that common sense, Nhat Nga Trading & Service Co., Ltd, has launched a dating tour named "Da Lat - Love Connection" with the mission of connecting strangers to become closer. The tour is held on weekends to not only find your love but also relax after a week of hard work and re-energize yourself to start a new week of work. With the cityscape of love and misty, the journey becomes even more attractive than ever. Go together with Nhat Nga to find the other half for yourself and explore dreaming places in Da Lat!


I. Scenic scenery

1. Truc Lam Temple:

One of our indispensable destinations is Truc Lam Temple, where is poetic and majestic. This is a unique architecture next to Tuyen Lam Lake. From Tuyen Lam Lake towards up is a steep road with 140 stone steps. The two sides are soaring pines through the triple gate to the main sanctuary. The sanctuary area is 192m2 width. The inside of sanctuary is simple but expressing the significance of the Buddha. Around the sanctuary are the reliefs engraving the eight figures of the Buddha and the lamas. The wood alter is very elaborately carved. The hallway in front of the sanctuary is a row of four fake wooden pillars. The ceiling is lazed with enameled tiles. The roof slightly bends, showing the humble features of Vietnamese people and the elegance of the meditation.

2. Clay Tunnel:

Clay Tunnel in Dalat is a new destination for many young people and tourists. It has many different names such as Sculpture Tunnel, Raddle Tunnel or Clay House, etc. Any of those names is attractive and curious for tourists when coming to this city of flowers.

The whole resort is carefully elaborated to each corner. Each corner is carrying the talents and enthusiasm of creators. The whole project is built on two main themes: reproducing the history of Da Lat city and building educational human stories. It is called the tunnel because the road is 1 to 9m deep than the ground. The formations are entirely made of soft basalt and vivid as in real life. The sculptors have animated into the road, making every corner of the street, every animal and every tree on the road become close and familiar. Coming here, you would enjoy the lively miniature Dalat through the unique sculpturing hands such as from Langbiang mountain next to the river, animals, grass to romantic Xuan Huong Lake, ancient train station, Bao Dai Palace, Con Ga Church, University of Law, Lien Khuong Airport, and Da Lat Market, etc.

Especially, the House of land included in this great art work has been set up to two records in the record book of Vietnam, which are the biggest unburned clay basalt house whose the roof is embossed with Vietnam map and the first unburned clay basalt house whose with the most unique style.

3. Cu Lan Village:

Cu Tuan is a small, beautiful and romantic village (about 30 hectares width), located between thousands of hectares of primeval forest at the foot of LangBiang Mountain.

The village has existed since the 1960s. The K'Ho ethnic group in the village earn by making abstract Cu Lan animals from Cu Lan trees to sell for tourists (also called Cu Li animal or Cu Lan animals with yellow furth which helps for haemostatic) besides farming, hunting and gathering. Nowadays, Cu Lan village is invested and innovated to exploit tourism by GBQ Company. Cu Lan village has 5 main services are welcoming tourists, teambuilding, camping, resort, restaurant and many other nice services tied to the nature.

Natural scenery and architectural space of Cu Lan tourism village are worthy for visitors to leave the city to here for staying. A place is worthy to stay is not only a few days or a few times. The wood roofs under the canopy, next to the lake yellow - covered by Daylilies is enough relax tourists, sweeping tiredness and worries of daily life. When wandering, tourists can stop at those stilts. The owner cleverly designed the house for visitors to enjoy the scenery and take fresh air. Cu Lan Village brings us back to the peace and simplicity of Viet countryside from the rural market with foods, specialties and beautiful gifts to the wild and nature of mountains.

II. Exchange activities and Entertainment:

With such beautiful scenery, we will exchange together through quizzes, folk games, and games for couples who are about to become half of each other. In particular, the program also spends private moments for couples together side by side, joining the same beating, and then such memories become dreams named "remembrance of a stranger".

Are you ready to find half of yourself on this trip? Why should you wait to contact us to experience the most memorable moments?


Going to Da Lat, you not only find our half but also get a gift.

Special reward:  01 VESPA 946 RED with many other attractive gifts.

Travel with Nhat Nga and enjoy in your own way.

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