→ Are you an author - a book publisher?

→ Want books to be published in multiple languages?

→ Looking for a best book translation company in HCMC?

Nhat Nga will give you an extremely reliable option.

A literary work - a book that gained worldwide recognition and increased sales is the main reason why authors and editors prefer to translate their books to different languages. When the world has turned into a globalized market, you have great opportunities to join the global market and increase your book sales. But, this is easier said than done.

Without translation, it is difficult to maintain in the market. Translation is the most important factor that you must keep in mind to successfully make your book worldwide.


Why should you chose Book translation service of Nhat Nga ?


- Low cost: Since you do not need to make your own translation team, saving your money from labor costs.

- Skilled translation team: Nhat Nga is known for having skilled translator with extensive experience in multiple types of translation.

- A combination of languages: By renting Nhat Nga's translation service, you can access a variety of translation languages, for example translating from English to Vietnamese, or from Japanese to Vietnamese and some other language pairs.

- Quality: the company always follows a strict quality process. Therefore, what you get is an exact copy of the book that has been translated.

- Guaranteed time: the company is very strict in terms of time, so you never should worry about the time you receive the translation.

For those reasons, if you are ready to publish your book in mutiple languages, it's time to find a reliable translation service like Nhat Nga!

Call us right when you are wondering about outsourcing translation books! We are waiting for your help!

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