Travel Insurance

You spend so much time and money on preparing for your travel with family from Vietnam to other countries in the world in wish of enjoying comfortable moments and experiencing new knowledge.

However, a risk that is definitely out of people’s expectations may absolutely occur to your travel, for instance lost luggage, sick children, delayed flight…

A Travel Insurance shall always travel with you and have helpful supports in difficult situations, making you feel secure to enjoy your travel.


Just A Call

A hotline in Vietnamese supports Vietnamese tourists for 24/7 all over the world, including consultancy in an urgent case, even usual queries as to destination.


Ultimate Product

A team of doctors and nurses is ready to give you support in any time and any place in the world.

Insurance benefits are at high level with a limit of health cost support up to 2,1 billion dong and individual accident up to 6,3 billion dong. The medical costs of urgent transport are unlimited.

A variety of insurance benefits including support of arisen costs in case of lost luggage, cancelled or postponed travel, risks due to natural disasters, terrorists while travelling.


 Professional compensation service

 A quick process of inspection

Insurance benefits are resolved in a fair, explicit and easy manner.

Tour : Ms Nga -(+84) 28 6681 7653