1. What is an ABTC card?

     Business Travel Card (ABTC) is a kind of document issued by the authority agency of the countries and territories which participate in Business Travel Card APEC issue to their Entrepreneurs to give advantages of traveling for the activities of business cooperation, trade, investment and service; attendance in conference, seminars, and other financial purpose in the countires and territories uder APEC, which join the program. The person issued with ABTC card is entiled to entry or exit the countries and territories listed in the card without a visa issued by that country and area. ABTC card is valid in 05 years since the date of issue without extension. When ABTC expires, if the person who is issued the card still would like to travel in APEC area, he/ she can make the request for new issuance of the card.

     ABTC card is only valid for entry and exit purposes when the person can present a legal passport. Each time of entry or exit, the person with ABTC card is issued a certificate of temporary residence with a stipulated duration by the country or area.

    The Entrepreneurs issued with ABTC card have responsibility to use the card correctly with the purposes of entry, preserving the card; not arbitrarily modify the content recorded on the card; not use the card for law violations. The Entrepreneurs issued with ABTC card have to respect and comply the laws of entry and exit, residence and other regulations relating to their activities in the member countries or territories.

    Entrepreneurs issued with ABTC card violating the law of Vietnamese law shall be sanctioned by the competent Vietnamese authority in accordance with the current laws.


2. Who can get ABTC card?

a. Vietnamese entrepreneurs, who are working in state enterprises

  • Chairman of the Managing Board, General director of Corporation under the Prime Minister (Corporation 91);
  • General directors, Deputy General Directors, Directors, and Vice Directors of the enterprise, industrial parks, or exporting processing zones of Vietnam; Directors, Vice Director of Vietnam Bank or Directors and Vice Directors of the branches of Vietnam Bank;
  • Chief accountant or the Director/ Vice Directors of the enterprises, industrial parks, export processing zones, banks, and branches of Vietnam bank or up.

b. Vietnamese entrepreneurs who are working in the enterprises estabkished pursuant to Business Law, Cooperative Law and Investment Law in Vietnam;

  • General Directors and Deputy General Directors; Director and Vice Director of the enterprises; chief accountant or the person titled as the Heads of department in the non-state owned enterprises;
  • Chairman or vice chairman of the board in joint stock companies; Chairman or vice chairman of the board’s member; Chairman or vice chairman of the board in limited companies; Chairman of the board of Cooperative, or Chairman of the cooperative.

c. Other cases:

  • The people who are the leaders of economics, Heads of ministerial level, Chairman of people’s committee of provinces, cities under authority, which are specialized in Vietnamese enterprises’ activities for attendance the meetings, conferences, and acivities relating to cooperation and APEC economics development;
  • State officials and public servants are obliged to attend meetings, conferences, seminars and other economic activities of APEC; Heads and deputy heads of Vietnamese trade missions in the countries and territories participating in ABTC program.

 3. Conditions of ABTC card issuance:

  • Vietnamese entrepreneurs bring a valid passort.
  • Entrepreneurs working in enterprises engaged in business, trade, investment and service activities with the partners in member economies which participate in ABTC are shown through commercial contracts, trade, investment projects and specific service contracts
  • Entrepreneurs working in the enterprises which are represented by labor contracts, appointment decision and full payment of social insurance at the working place.
  • Entrepreneurs must be 18 years or up; the people whose capacity for civil acts of individuals are not limited or lost
  • Not belonging to the cases which are not permitted to exit the country as stipulated in Article 10 of the Regulation issued together with the Decision no.: 45/2006 / QD-TTg in February 28, 2006 by the Prime Minister on the granting and management of exit cards of APEC businessmen.
  • Entrepreneurs who are working in enterprises that have operated for 06 (six) months or more.
  • Entrepreneurs are working in enterprises that well comply the laws on commerce, taxation, customs, labor and social insurance.

 4. Procedure and duration for ABTC card issuance

  • Proposal letter of the enterprise signed and stamped by the legal representative of the enterprise
  • Copies of one of the following documents: invitation letter, foreign trade contracts, joint venture contracts, business cooperation contracts, service provision contracts or other import and export documents (L / C, bills of lading, Customs declarations and payment invoices), which must not exceed one year prior to the time of obatining for ABTC card in APEC member economies participating in the ABTC card program (attached with the above documents for comparison). The documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by Vietnamese translations;
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of appointment letter
  • Copy of social insurance record book


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