“Happiness is throughout the process not the destination”. This is especially truth when you come to Bau Trang, if you think about Bau Trang just for visiting the beautiful scene; you missed a part of the process.
Bau Trang has a beautiful coastal attraction. Even only a few km, the scenes in here are forever in the hearts of us. On this road you will feel overwhelmed by the continuous color change from the red of the soil to the bright yellow of the sand. The road to the Bau Trang has the terrain of desert and sand dunes. . Unlike other crowded roads with fully vehicles, the road here is wide with a few cars, increasing the "adventure" for the drivers driving through here ... 
A wide and straight road from the top to the end with sand in one side and sea in the another side, there are some twists around the white sand hills, creating feeling like lost in some land like me, won’t you?

Coming to Bau Trang is coming to two large natural freshwater lakes and separating the two sides of white sand. The sunshine in Bau Cat is sunburned skin. However the sand here is not hot as its sunshine. Sand is very smooth, small and combined into the white sand dunes which running for miles, creating the feeling like a wilderness desert. But if you can overcome the high sand dunes, you will catch up with beautifully attracted scenery. A sparkle surface of the lakes to cover the sun, a large amount of lotus covered the surface of the lake creating a poetic scene. If Bau Cat has the sunshine of the desert with windy sand, the air in the lotus pond is as cool as in Da Lat. Beautiful lotus pond, blue water; fully lotus covered the whole lake surface. There are so many horrible stories that are embroidered here but they still do not affect the young men and women to come here for sailing to see the beautiful lotus lake.

For those who love adventure, interested in conquering sand dunes, Bau Trang is a great destination. Sand slide is one of the favorite games here. You can play in sand desert, slide down the hollows all day without being bored. Or you can drive the jeep overcome the terrain, drive jeep quickly to the high sand dunes to have the feeling of conquering the natural, from the high steep people follow the car that leap forward, at the launch vehicles from the top of the slope down drop with the feeling splash out of heart when the car tilts over the high sand dunes again. For more powerful try, you should let the staffs drive for you with ensure the roller coaster cannot compare in here. Fly high and far, fly throughout high sand dunes, do you dare?

When you listen this, I am sure that you are feel really eager, please contact to us “right now and soon” for coming to small Saharan Desert in Binh Thuan.
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